In the Empire's Shadow


or "This is why we can't have nice things"

Fel, Jann, Lehc’Tim and Trevellayne have narrowly escaped the closing fist of the GALACTIC EMPIRE. Outmaneuvering Imperial Ships above Lothal and jumping to Nar Shadda in a stolen Lambda Scout.
On Jann’s turf the now, the crew hook up with his old contact, swap out the stolen Imperial ship and drop off their three prison escapees.
Tasked with making a spice run to the volcanic planet Shola the crew can’t help but breathe easier now that they are deep in Hutt Space. But what waits for them on Shola and what of the mysterious Zann Consortium who are rumoured to haunt the magma wracked planet….

After settling into the Touch and Go, the crew made for the volcanic hellscape of Shola where they were to drop of their shipment of spice to Lowagarra a wookiee living on one of the former mining facility anti-grav outposts.

Upon their arrival they were met by the leader of the outpost Traynor Skye and his protocol droid SK-13. Traynor told the crew that Lowagarra had gone missing shortly after setting up a hideaway in a nearby cave. Investigating the Wookiee’s quarters the crew found some burn marks on the walls, a data pad that had been wiped except for a message from Daxli, a picture of a female Wookiee and holo-card from a merc named Rakham Forn. Meanwhile outside Fel tracked the movements of mysterious ships flying north to south and back again in low orbit.

The crew went to investigate the cave with Dowey a local lava skiff pilot and mechanic and SK-13. At the mouth of the cave they found a recording device which they smashed, empty crates, a hammock and the corpse of a human with Mandalorian dog tags identifying him as Walgary Skren one of Rakham’s men.

Armed with this new evidence the crew headed back to the outpost blasting up some Lava snakes along the way.


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