In the Empire's Shadow

EPISODE VIII Investigation

Or, Jann's so racist

Murder! In far flung reaches of the galaxy on the inhospitable wasteland of Shola. The crew of the Touch and Go have become wrapped up in the disappearance of the spice running Wookiee Lowagarra.
Local leader Traynor Skye has allowed the crew to take a look through the quarters and hideout of Lowagarra and despite the intercession of some lava snakes the trail has mostly gone cold.
In the Wookiee’s hideout the crew found empty crates and the corpse of a Mandalorian mercenary. With a promise to return the armor to employer of the deceased but how will it be received?

With the body of the Mandalorian Merc stashed sadly in the touch and go, the crew continues to track a regular run being made by a ship over their heads. Now knowing that Lowagarra made regular trips to outposts north and south of Outpost 3 the crew heads north on an intercept course.

Within Outpost 1 they find darkness and pirates! After a vibroaxe battle the crew recovers a bound and confused Lowagarra. With a few captured pirates in tow they head south to intercept what they assume is the pirate’s ship. Meeting the ship head on in a cramped canyon the dating Cree manages to outmaneuver the more healing armed ship. Leaving it’s remains scattered across the blasted landscape of Sheila.

Returning to Outpost A to a welcoming party of Traynor, SK-13 and two Chiss the crew is cautious. Opening the hangar door with Fel insidensidee behind his newest gun, a bevy of hostages and Jann’s and Lechtim on either side. Lechtim assumes the Chiss to be his wife but a commanding Chiss reveals her to be his long lost daughter fully grown and on the hunt for her renegade father. Traynor is revealed to be in league with the Hutts and Daxli against Lowagarra, he deploys the mounted weaponry on the hapless Sk-13. After a bad ass firefight the crew manages to keep Lechtim alive for long enough to critically injured the Chiss commander and the mysterious ship.

Leaving Shola victorious and very rich the crew now has enemies on all sides and what of the Mandalorian mercenaries they still have to rendezvous with?


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