In the Empire's Shadow


or "At least she doesn't have a lightsaber"

The reign of the notorious Barabel crime lord Boss B has been brought to an unceremonious end by the Bounty Hunter Jan and the Sabacc playing scoundrel Trevellayne, assasinated at the end of the Capital City Open Sabacc tournament.
During their escape from Rhaskell tower Fel and Lehc’Tim secured a ship from the penthouse of the tower which proved to have an Imperial Bounty and a cargo load of precious KYBER CRYSTALS. Lehc’Tim pocketted two of these crystals and then escaped on his swoop bike with Trevellayne back to Jathal.
Meanwhile the deadly Commander Holdout and the nefarious Hand of the Emperor Lisko Thireen had captured Fel and Jan and demanded to know why they had stolen the ship and where someone name Corona was…

“Immure,” which first appeared in English in the late 16th century, literally means “to wall in” or “to enclose with a wall,” but it has extended meanings as well. In addition to senses meaning “imprison” and “entomb,” the word sometimes has broader applications, essentially meaning “to shut in” or “to confine.”

After waiting at their rendezvous point for Fel and Jan to no avail Lech’Tim tried to use the Force to sense his friends but was confronted by a powerful dark presence like a cloud over them.
Jan and Fel were interrogated, captured and tortured by the Hand of the Emperor.
Storm Troopers appeared at Funky’s and shot one of his protocol droids allowing the pair to escape to the cantina where yet more troopers awaited them.
Jan and Fel attacked the Hand and a torture droid escaping and wounding the Hand who fled in the process
Trevellayne went to a brothel to find the location of the Secret Imperial Base, Lehc’Tim went into the cantina courtyard and tussled with a trash lady.
Jan and Fel picked up repeating blasters and took out the detention centre command office opening all the doors for the prisoners and executing a technician.
Lehc’Tim and Trevellayne stole a Lambda from the base in Jalath and flew it to the Secret Base in Capital city. Fel and Jan wounded commander Holdout and escaped during a prison riot. The team killed the scrambling TIE pilots and rescued four prisoners among them “Rambothan” a Bothan spy. They also found R4-D6 the Astromech that had previously been on the Invisible hiding in the fresher.


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