Barek "Boss B" Sorkal

Barabel Crime Boss of Capital City


A big time crime lord of the Barabel mafia in Capital City of Lothal. Currently embroiled in a turf war with the Empire. Boss B employs mostly other Barabels, his interests include usury, bribes, protectionism, underground gambling, smuggling and thievery. Boss B runs a prominent Sabacc tournament in the bottom of Rhaskell Tower.

In 16 BBY a routine alcohol theft from Funky’s Cantina in Jathal was interrupted by Fel and Lech’Tim, the following night a revenge mission was further thwarted by the pair along with Trevellayne. Two days later in the casino in Rhaskell tower Boss B was murdered by the Bounty Hunter Jan and the Scoundrel Trevellayne.


Barek "Boss B" Sorkal

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