Lech’Tim served as a Pilot on a Chiss Star Destroyer in the Chiss Asendancy. He served his first manditory term and then re-enlisted and continued his service up until ‘the incident’.

The day of ‘the Incident’ :
Lect’tim awoke that morning, prepaired for duty and went to meet his astrogator in the mess. his astrogator was his long time friend Ryl’eck (who had been acting strange for the previous days) but he wasnt in the mess. on his way to the bridge Ryl’Eck forced his way past him carrying a force pike and a strange device. Lech’tim called to him to stop but to no avail. Lect’Tim drew his sidearm and began persuit. The persuit led them to the engine room. Lechtim, be agile for a Chiss was able to gain ground on Ryl’Eck who was making a b-line for the reactor/hyperdrive core and seemed to be activating the device in his hands. In a moment of anger, Lech’tim awakened dormant force powers and forced Ryl’Eck of his feet. Ryl’Eck drew his force pike and charged at Lech’Tim who again used the force to knock Ryl’Eck off of his feet causing him to drop his force pike. Ryl’Eck turned back to the reactor to try and complete the mission he seemed to have been tasked with. Lech’Tim ordered him to stop but to no avail and was forced to open fire, shooting him in the spine. In a moment of rage, Lech’Tim picked up the force pike, Activated it and brought it down on Ryl’eck’s head.

Aftermath of ‘the Incident’:

The chiss acendancy needed someone to lay blame on. and Since Lech’Tim and Ryl’Eck were very close beforehand, he was the easiest to lay the blame on. he was cast out, only allowed to bring with him the Pictures he had of his family and the force pike his so called co-conspiritor had used in his betrayal. he was delivered to the outer rim by a chiss Chimera Class Battle cruiser. He left behind his wife Lilari’Lirini’sharada and Daughter Aviri’Telana’sharada

Getting to Lothal:

Lech’tim wandered the outer rim for 7 years. finding work as a pilot here and there for smugglers and the like. Also doing light mercenary work. Shortly before his arrival on Lothal, he met up with Fel, a former storm trooper who was Honourably discharged and also doing mercenary work. they worked together on a couple jobs and upon the completion of the job that landed them on Lothal decided that they worked well together and should team up and stick together. shortly after arriving on Lothal, Lech’Tim started having dreams about a man with a blue and a green lightsaber. he later deturmined that the man in the visions he was seeing in his dreams was actually a premonition of himself. Lech’Tim and Fel found themselves doing small work for Sul’Styn at Funky’s Canteena. And the rest is history in the making.


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