Sul'Styn Utrila

Twi'lek personal assistant to Funky


Sul’Styn works at Funky’s and runs the place while Funky is on permanent vacation. He knows everything that’s going on in Jathal. Occasionally Sul’styn has jobs for mercenaries
Sul’Styn is friends with Fel and Lehc’tim.
After the crew of the Touch and Go fled Lothal the ruthless Lisko Thireen captured and tortured Sul’Styn for information relating to the whereabouts of the crew. Sul’Styn would not break and was sent to the Imperial Prison in Capital City for further droid assisted interrogation.
Upon returning to Lothal the crew was given access to Sul’Styn’s lockbox by his boss Funky inside they found a lightsaber that belonged to Sul’Styn’s sister B’ink Utrila who was slain by General Grievous in the clone wars.
The crew was able to rescue Sul’Styn who returned to a spacefaring life with Funky managing and promoting Jizz shows.


Sul'Styn Utrila

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